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Onimusha soul

The main hero of the Onimusha series, he's a samurai and Onimusha, a warrior with the powers of the Oni clan. In the first game his mission is to rescue Princess Yuki from the clutches of the Genma and stop their evil plot of conquest with the help of the Oni Gauntlet. After Fortinbras' defeat, he disappeared, only to return in 3where he attacks Nobunaga at Honnoji but a mysterious time travel is involved and he's projected into Paris, and must fight his way back to the past.

He appears as Tenkai Nankobo in Dawn of Dreams. Kaede is a young kunoichi from the Iga Clan.

onimusha soul

She was sent to kill Samanosuke for an unknown reason, but ends up joining him as a faithful companion and possible love interest. It is later revealed that she was killed by the Genma General Gargant and avenged by Samanosuke. A young orphan adopted by princess Yuki who gets kidnapped when he tries to save her.

He's met 12 years later in Blade Warriors where he's known as a powerful and kind warrior who fights alongside Kaede and Samanosuke. The main character of the second game and initially referred to as Jubei Yagyu not the historical Yagyu Jubei ; here Jubei is the name given to the strongest youth in the villagehe finds out that his village has been destroyed by the wicked Genma Lord Nobunaga.

Armed with his newfound Oni powers and with powerful allies on his side, he start a quest to stop the evil Demon King. He eventually managed to kill Nobunaga, but he can't stop his soul from coming back again later and is eventually forced to go into hiding during Demon Siege.

He's mentioned in Dawn of Dreams where its revealed that his true name is Sekishusai. A mysterious swordswoman who sports Western armor and is seen around the Genma hideouts in Gifu Castle whose path crosses with Jubei.

She's actually Oichi, Nobunaga's sister, who's attempting to defend Odani castle from her brother's armies of monsters. She's also in love with Jubei, but nothing really happens between them.

A fat and jolly warrior monk who enjoys liquor and women and food. He's Magoichi's rival and has a past as warlord.

He fights the Genma with his trusty Hozoin Spear. The leader of the Saiga Musket Team and a fine marksman, he's a quiet, intelligent warrior who loves to read books. The young leader of the Fuuma Clan serving the Hojo, he's a cheerful shinobi who helps Jubei on his journey.

He's really curious about the surrounding world and is distrustful of women. An active member of the General Directorate for External Security in Paris and the second main character in 3. When Paris is invaded by the Genma, he fights them, but as Samanosuke arrives, a mysterious "dome" sent him five hundreds years in the past, where he's charged by the Oni Guardians with the task of slaying the Genma and helping Past Samanosuke on his way.

Armed with a second Oni Gautlet and the Oni Whip, he fight his way to come back from the past and defeat the Genma. A vassal of Tokugawa Ieyasu who's complied to work alongside with the genma, but has other plans.It makes use of the historic figures that shaped Japan's historyretelling their stories with supernatural elements.

Most of the games are of the action-adventure genre, a combination of third-person combat and puzzle elements.

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The player protagonist wields the power of the Onienabling them to fight the Genmathe main enemy in the series. The series originated inwith Yoshiki Okamoto 's idea to create Sengoku Biohazarda ninja version of Capcom's own Resident Evil known as Biohazard in Japanset in the Sengoku period and featuring a "ninja house" filled with booby trapssimilar to the mansion from Resident Evilwhere battles would be fought using swords and shuriken : "The house will contain hidden doors behind walls, ceilings that fall down to you, scrolls and ninja magic, and many other ninja techniques.

Onimusha: Warlords was originally being developed for the original PlayStationbut the project was eventually moved to the PlayStation 2. The half-finished original PlayStation version of Onimusha [4] was scrapped and never released. The central character of the series, Samanosuke Akechi, is modeled after Takeshi Kaneshirowho also voiced the character.

Character movements throughout the series were created using motion capture. The series was initially planned to be only a trilogy, but a fourth installment, Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams was released in InCapcom announced a browser-based game, Onimusha Soul[6] which was also scheduled to be released for the PlayStation 3 in Japan in Although the protagonist changes in every Onimusha title, he is always a skilled swordsman who embarks on a set mission which involves slaying demons and fearsome enemies during the waning years of the Sengoku period of feudal Japan.

In each game, the protagonist has the ability to absorb Genma souls from defeated enemies, which help to restore health, infuse power in weapons and armor, and provide power for the elemental attacks of special weapons.

The player controls their character using the D-pad although later games such as Onimusha 3: Demon Siege and Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams introduced analog stick control and travels in a fairly linear method, able to rotate slowly with the input of an opposing direction. Characters tend to move slowly and can only slightly increase their speed with the dash maneuver by tapping twice in any direction. Actions common to many action-oriented games, such as jumping, grabbing, and climbing over obstacles, cannot be performed in Onimusha games.

Onimusha is very action-oriented with an emphasis on combat, and employing some horror elements. The player has an arsenal of weaponry, ranging from katana to elemental-based broadswords. The player possesses a limited supply of spiritual energy which can be used for magical attacks. These magical attacks, which vary depending upon which weapon is equipped and other offensive attributes, can be improved throughout the game by accumulation of souls from defeated enemies.

onimusha soul

Based primarily throughout the Japanese Sengoku periodOnimusha: Warlords starts with the feudal lord Nobunaga Oda being killed during a battle. One of the prominent fighters, Hidemitsu Samanosuke Akechi, receives a letter from his cousin Princess Yuki who is concerned about servants from her castle disappearing. Samanosuke joins with the kunoichi Kaede to rescue Yuki and discover demonic creatures known as Genma are the culprits.

In order to defeat the Genma, the Oni clan grant Samanosuke powers from their kind. Across his fights Samanosuke discovers the Genma have resurrected Nobunaga into serving their needs while intending to sacrifice Yuki and an orphan named Yumemaru to grant him more powers. Samanosuke's group then takes different paths.

The sequel, Onimusha 2: Samurai's Destinyhas Nobunaga using the Genma in his forces to unify Japan, wiping out Yagyu village whose clan are Genma exterminators.

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The clan's only survivor, Jubei Yagyu, goes on a quest to avenge his clan while learning he inherited Oni powers from his mother as he uses them alongside the Oni's five orbs to battle Nobunaga's soldiers. Across his journey, Jubei meets several allies who also seek Nobunaga's life. Jubei manages to infiltrate Gifu castle and confronts Nobunaga alone. Although Jubei kills Nobunaga, the warlord's soul escapes and later reconstitutes himself.

Before confronting Nobunaga, Samanosuke is transported to Modern Paris as a result of an experiment made by the Genma scientist Guildernstern to enable his kin to conquer more lands.Similar to Super Smash Bros. Players may use standard sword fighting with combos, blocks, block-breaking kicks, jump, switch planes the different levels of the fighting areause various items, and disarm their opponents.

It also includes the original aspects of the Onimusha series, including the absorption of souls and special elemental attacks lightning, fire, and wind. The story takes place months after the events in Onimusha 2 and 11 years before the events in Onimusha 3. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

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By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. PlayStation 2.Oyu Oichi of Odani was the sister of the infamous Nobunaga Odaand the wife of Nagamasa Azai until the latter's death. Historically, she never met Jubei, but she did join in the fight against her overlord brother with her husband - Azai Nagamasa rather than Jubei, but she later joined Toyotomi Hideyoshi.

In the game, she is first seen by Jubei in the town of Imasho, where he fends off three men whom are hitting on her before heading to the Imasho Mines. Jubei later finds her in the clutches of Tokichiro the future Toyotomi Hideyoshi and rescues her however her stepdaughter Yodo will later go on to become his concubine and the mother of his heir.

Jubei joins Oyu's fight to secure the territory of the Azai. Oyu then assists Jubei in his battles against Nobunaga's armies as well. Over the course of her journey, Oyu begins to fall for Jubei, as seen on their ride back to Imasho on the Oni Horse and other instances. Oyu is always present to assist Jubei whenever she can, a sign of her latent affections toward him. Oyu is also emotionally conflicted between her duties and her feelings for Jubei as the story progresses. When both she and him are trapped by Tokichiro in an underground pit, she reveals to Jubei that she is actually Oichi, wife of Nagamasa Azai and the sister of Nobunaga.

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Oyu then explains her reasons for being caught at Gifu Castle: she planned on assassinating Nobunaga, due to his malicious intentions of destroying the Azai clan and conquering Odani.

Oyu also reveals to Jubei that she felt betrayed when she learnt from Nagamasa - two years after they were married - that he already had three daughters from his previous marriage. Oyu then tells him that nothing mattered to her after that until she met Jubei.

Oyu then thinks of herself to be selfish because of her statement and becomes set on returning to Odani in order to protect her stepdaughters. Overcome with emotion, Oyu embraces Jubei and the pair almost share a kiss, but Tokichiro interrupts with a blast to the pit, opening yet another path to lead them out of their prison.

Oyu falls into a hole, and struggles to escape, when Gogandantess unexpectedly rescues her stating "It is quite natural for men to rescue weak women. Jubei jumps out safely, but Oyu does not, making Jubei believe her to be dead. Before heading down to face Nobunaga, Jubei and Oyu reunite for the last time. With very few words exchanged, Jubei then convinces her not join him on his final battle against Nobunaga, reminding her that he is still her brother and cannot be involved.

Oyu stops him before heading inside the elevator, trying to confess her feelings to him, but just smiles sadly at him. Jubei then pulled her to him and they finally share a memorable kiss before he departs to face Nobunaga. The last words Jubei said to her were "I hope you find happiness.

onimusha soul

After he disappeared from sight, she collapses and cries, eventually returning to Gifu Castle. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Oyu steering the Oni Genbu away from Odani Castle. Jubei with Oyu after Tokichiro escapes onboard the Oni Genbu. Artwork of Oyu from Onimusha: Soul. Categories :.

Full name. Japanese Name. Azai Oni. Faction s.The beautiful spy and double-agent wears this official red outfit, made by Capcom together with other alternative versions of lots of popular characters from the survival horror franchise of Resident Evil games.

Onimusha Soul is a social web-based role-playing game which is equal parts card playing and city-building, developed by Capcom as part of the Onimusha series. Players take up the role of feudal lords during the Warring States period of Japan and fight with other players to achieve the growth of their respective states. The femme fatale of the Resident Evil series is magnificently performed by Shermie Cosplay: this alternate costume is an excellent artwork that fits the sexy spy Ada Wong in all her different looks.

Onimusha is a video game series developed by Capcom, using a very action-oriented gameplay with a heavy emphasis on combat. Most of the titles are action-adventure games, combining third person combat and puzzle solving and retelling the stories of historic figures that shaped Japan's history, with supernatural elements.

Often been compared with the Resident Evil series, Onimusha has been praised for its focus in action: the protagonist changes in every Onimusha title, but is always a skilled swordsman who embarks on a set mission which involves slaying demons. Ada Wong cameo in Onimusha Soul's feudal Japan.Onimusha 3. Onimusha 3 Soul Controller and Memory Card. Behold the coolest videogame peripherals since Yuna's FFX-2 pistols.

For those of you that went nuts over Hori's Final Fantasy X-2 Tiny Bee Twin Gun controllers a few months back, then the company's latest game-specific controller should really get you psyched. Dubbed "The Onimusha 3 Soul Controller", this sleek sword-shaped device is easily one of the sharpest-looking peripherals we've ever seen.

Onimusha – Warlords

Shipping with a display stand that is not unlike that which accompanies real swords, the Soul Controller measures 38" in length and is designed exactly like a real Ebon ceremonial Tachi sword. How it works, however, is still a mystery until we get the chance to try it out for ourselves. Also recently announced to accompany the Japanese release of Onimusha 3is the official Onimusha 3 memory card. Though it's a standard 8MB storage device like most other cards of this type, its front is embossed with a golden Onimusha 3 logo and ships inside a carefully crafted wooden box.

Photographs of the sword and memory card can be found on the media page below. Chances of seeing either one of these peripherals accompanying the American release of Onimusha 3 later this year, however, are almost unfathomable. Interested parties should do themselves a favor and seek out their closest import shop and pre-order these bad boys as soon as humanly possible.

We'll see you soon with more.

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In This Article. Rated "M". Developer Capcom Production Studio 2. Release Date April 27, Platforms PlayStation 2, PC. IGN Logo Recommends. Westworld Season 3, Episode 5 Review: 'Genre'.

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Final Fantasy 7 Remake's Ending Explained.You are about to take part in an amazing adventure taking you from ancient temples and fortresses to the very bowels of the underworld. Along the way you will fight armies of undead and other demonic monsters sent to stop you from saving the princess and fulfilling your destiny.

You play as the mighty warlord and master swordsman Samanosuke in search of your kidnapped cousin Yuki. During your last battle she was captured by demons for some unknown and unspeakable purpose. It is your mission to find and rescue the princess at all costs.

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You will have to use all the resources and skills you have mastered over the years. The quest is long and difficult but you are not alone.

Onimusha 3 OST (S SIDE) / 35 - Traces of the Soul ~Onimusha 3 Staff Roll~

You are joined by Kaede; an expert kunoichi female ninja who was originally sent to assassinate you. Instead, she develops absolute trust in you and joins you on your quest to save the princess.

While not as powerful as Samanosuke, she does have excellent fighting skills and will offer much assistance to you during your quest. Throughout the adventure you will be able to play as each of these characters, sometimes even working together to solve puzzles and disarm traps.

Onimusha Warlords also has a few secrets hidden throughout the levels. There are 20 pieces of Flourite that you can find and collect. If you manage to get all 20 pieces you will unlock a Bonus mini-game called Oni Spiritsan arena based challenge that if successfully completed with unlock an Ultimate Mode for the regular game.

These pieces of Flourite are virtually invisible on the screen. In fact, until you get the Vision Staff much later in the game you really have no way of locating these secrets without checking every square inch of each level manually. Naturally, Sinjin is here to help, so I will be providing you with the locations for all 20 pieces of Flourite throughout the walkthrough.

onimusha soul

I've also indicated the locations of all Flourite on the level maps, and there is a Hidden Flourite Index at the end of this walkthrough that you can refer to if you are just missing a few pieces and need to quickly locate them. I've included detailed level maps that show all of the locations with items and the various color-coded doors.

These maps are based on the maps you will find while playing Onimusha, however I have taken some creative liberties and rearranged some things as well as providing much more detail. These maps are intended as a visual aid, so items shown on the map may not always be exactly where they are in the game. Refer to the text for more exact descriptions and when all else fails - look around and search your surroundings. Combat and Inventory Samanosuke and Kaede have two unique fighting styles and various attack abilities.

Samanosuke is a powerful swordsman with the added ability of various magical attacks enabling him to deliver swift punishment to his foes.

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Kaede is armed with only a dagger and some throwing knives, so her attacks are not as deadly. She is more agile and is able to dodge attacks and maneuver into strategic positions for a one-slash fatal attack.

These two characters are also limited in the items they are allowed to use. While they both share a "common inventory" certain items may be inaccessible while playing as either person. Using the resources and your own specific talents is just part of the challenge. Move in close for one-hit fatality - Throw Kunai knives at enemy Weapons There are several weapons you will find during your adventure and knowing which one to use at the right time is crucial to your success.

Your three primary weapons are the Raizan, Enryuu, and Shippuu. These three blades are infused with Elemental Magic and are directly linked with their corresponding Orbs. Throughout the game you will need to upgrade both the Orbs and these Swords using the Soul Energy you collect from your defeated foes. Upgrading the swords increases the power of their attacks while upgrading the Orbs allows you to dispel the magical locks on many of the door granting you access to other parts of the game. These upgrades or enhancements can only be done at special Magic Mirrors scattered about the levels.

It's up to you to decide how to spend your Soul Energy.

Onimusha Soul

I recommend keeping your Orbs upgraded at all times as you will require higher level Orbs to advance to new sections of the game. Both Swords and Orbs can be upgraded to a maximum of Level 3. Here is a list of weapons and their various upgrades: Swords Normal Sword: You start with modest blade. Raizan: This sword is able to deliver damaging lightning attacks.


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